Top 15 Crazy and Funny Red Cards

Top 15 Crazy and Funny Red Cards (The Funnies Red Cards Ever). 15 Funny Red Cards from Football Games around the World.

When a referee shows you the red card, it means two things: you have done some serious misconduct and you will have to leave the field of play immediately. Red cards. Sendings-off. Early baths. Marching orders. They happen every week, in every league in the world, though these days they are as likely to be a pair of technical infractions as a two-footed lunge from a burly defender on some poor, skinny-legged winger. But every now and then, a referee will give a side a numerical disadvantage for the oddest of reasons.

Football Pitch Invaders are Awesome!

Football without pitch invaders is nothing! Most entertaining Pitch Invaders in Football History.

Amazing and craziest field crashers! Some pitch invaders want attention or fame, they are spontaneous intrusions into an otherwise orderly sporting universe.
Funny and crazy streakers, pitch invaders takes free kicks, fans run on field, sexy girls, fans running on the field and crashing games, pitch invader dribbles past two stewards…